A/B Split Your Campaigns

eft size-full wp-image-339" title="ab_email_campaign_split_test" src="http://www.i-audience.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/ab_email_campaign_split_test.jpg" alt="" width="180" height="180" />Testing your email campaigns will help you maximise your profits for future campaigns. You can test the subject line, from name, delivery date and time, mail piece design or content but no may than one variable at a time.

  1. Decide on a percentage of your list to test (for example 20%) and send that out first.
  2. Decide whether the winning campaign is the one that was opened the most, received the most clicks or received the most responses.
  3. When a winner is determined, send out the remaining portion of the list.
  4. If neither campaign was opened then most probably the test list was too small. Split the remaining 80% in half and send the two campaigns out to determine a winner for your next campaign.

Subject Lines

Subject lines with company names at the beginning in general seem to perform better and shorter subject lines seem to work better than long ones. Words to stay away from in order to avoid triggering the spam filter or ones that will negatively affect your open rates include: Free, Help, Percent off and Reminder.

Delivery Date and Time

Based on our many years of experience with sending out email campaigns and testing, we've found the best days of the week to send are Tuesday and Wednesday morning. While Mondays and Fridays are the worse days.