Email is instant and interactive. Targeting the right people, at the right time, with the right offer requires experience. Of course, you can do all the testing yourself, but there are golden rules to remember.

Email marketing is easy, isn't it?

Actually, email distribution can get quickly challenging - avoiding the spam box, optimizing the email code, respecting privacy regulations .... A lot needs to be set right to achieve your marketing goals.

While we don't claim to have a bullet-proof solution to these issues we work on improving results continuously.

Email coding

Coding properly an email and improve it's deliverability can be quite daunting. Over the years, we built an expertise to code your email promotions to look good at the same time to your recipient and his mail server.

We craft your email promotion with care and test them on many different platforms and once we're done with it, we let you judge.

Send us your MS Word, pdf or image based email promotions and we'll code them into proper html emails that will draw better response rates.

Distribution network

The network infrastructure plays an important role in the deliverability of your advertisement. To maximize your chances to reach your recipient's mail box, i-Audience maintains it's own network of servers as well as uses partner companies to deliver your message.

The good reputation of servers requires continuous monitoring and respect of industry standards. Keeping them white listed is just one of our regular tasks.

Why Use Our Email Services?

  • Respect of industry standards
  • Compliance to privacy regulations (more...)
  • Support for all languages in all parts of the email (Asian, Middle Eastern scripts and all western scripts)
  • Personalisation of all parts of the email
  • Html & text body sent systematically
  • Spam testing score