Email Marketing Analysis Reporting Overview

broadcast, i-audience provides you with an email marketing analysis report that tells you who opened, read and clicked your email so you can analyze your campaign's ROI and more.

Dynamic Graphs

Our dynamic graphs show you how many emails were delivered, how many bounce backs there were and who opted out.

Open Read and Click Tracking

Open, read and click tracking show you how many people are opening your campaigns, if they read it and where exactly they’re clicking.

Opens and Clicks Timeline

Find out what time of day people are reading your emails and how long overall engagement lasts.

Opens by Location

See where in the world your readers are located.


Find out how many email addresses bounced and who unsubscribed from your list.

Post Campaign Analysis

If you want to dig even deeper, i-audience can sit down with you to help you analyse the results of your Campaign and what improvements can be made for next time.