How to Create Killer Ad Copy

gnleft size-full wp-image-360" title="copywriting" src="" alt="" width="180" height="180" />Answer these questions before you write your ad copy:. 1. What is the objective of the ad? To generate leads or inquiries, make a direct sale, answer inquiries or leads, make an announcement, build image, etc.?

2. What is the product or service you will feature in your ad? What is the purpose of the product or service (What does it do? How does it work? How is it used?) Describe in 50 words or less.

3. Who is the audience? The main prospect? What is his biggest goals, concerns, fears, attitudes, possible objections? For consumers, what main interests/desires/fears/hopes and dreams does our product or offer appeal to?

4. Price (How much does it cost?)

5. What is the offer that you will extend to your prospects? (Special introductory savings? Premium? Limited-time offer? Buy one, get one free? Free information? Guarantees? Etc.?)

6. What are the features of the product? (All facts and specifications)

7. What are the main benefits? (What will it do for me? What specific problems does it resolve? What needs does it fulfill?)

8. Other selling points? What will it give me that I can’t get anywhere else? How and why is it new, better, or different than what is already available? What is unique about it?

9. What is the timing? What are the deadlines or project schedules we need to know?

10. What mailing lists/media have you used in the past? What worked and what did not. What is the actual sales performance by source?Review Android Smartphone

11. What tests do you wish to conduct? What copy, price, offer, mailing list, media, etc?

12. What selling points must be included?

13. Who are your competitors? How do you compare on products, services, price, terms, features and benefits?

14. How do you receive responses? Web site visit, email address, mail, phone call (800#), fax, payment methods(Amex, Visa, MasterCard).

15. What guarantee do you offer? (100% money back? 30-day free trial?)