International Women’s Day Special

nternational Women's Day and the guys @ i-Audience decided to do something about it - we would like to wish you all a Happy 8th of March and to say thank you for all the great moments we share together!

Now, this would be just too simple and we (the guys) as you know from experience (life-long one), tend to make things complicated...and this post won't be any different (we don't want to disappoint you after all). So, let's get into some more details as to why we want to share our appreciation for all the details you think we just don't pay attention to:

  1. Thank you for working with us - we know we tend to (sometimes) be a bit noisy, go around the office talking to ourselves in codes no sane person could possibly understand (let alone find funny?!) and make comments that even (again sometimes) seem unreasonable.
  2. Thank you for supporting us - we thank you for allowing us to live under the illusion that we are completely self-sufficient, idea-making, brainstorming masterminds on whose shoulders the weight of the world rests so securely...until we need your help, that is...
  3. Thank you for making us think - we do tend to take things for granted and sometimes do lose the perspective that some people out there actually do not know what we are talking about - we mean, who doesn't now the correlation of QS and CPC in regards to ad copy and Impressions?! In addition, thank you for making us think before we act (although this needs some working on).
  4. Thank you for bringing out the best in us - last, but not least,by helping you in your daily tasks you do bring the shiniest qualities in all of us out!

The list could go on and on but we decided on the above mentioned Top 4. If you'd like to share our opinion with your friends and peers, feel free to use the social share buttons below: